Outsourcing from Law Firms

The economy of small legal practices is on the rebound.  Many lawyers and small firms have seen their practices grow back from the lows of 2008.  Although your practice may be busy enough to cause you to consider hiring an associate to ease the load, you may not yet feel financially ready for all that hiring entails:  investments in training, office space, employee benefits, new tax considerations, etc.

Why not consider outsourcing some specialized functions to an experienced lawyer?  Outsourcing projects which require sustained and detailed legal research and writing frees a lawyer up to see more clients, prepare for and attend more court hearings, and generally develop your practice.  Even the best lawyers occasionally encounter a client with unfamiliar legal issues; instead of referring the matter out the door, a busy lawyer can outsource the research and analysis of unfamiliar or complicated issues and keep the client in house.

Companies outsource to save time and money and allocate resources efficiently. Law firms, no matter how small or experienced, should be no different.  The traditional model of hiring full-time employee associates is simply not a practical monetary investment for many small firms, and outsourcing can give you the flexibility that a fluctuating workload demands.

Karin provides high-quality, efficient legal resources and has the experience to know how a judge will view your writing. Karin also associates with other former law clerks for backup assistance with projects, so that a quick turnaround time is available.

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