Why Outsource?

When you outsource your legal research and drafting, you will: 

Save Time and Make Your Practice More Profitable

Quality research and sophisticated drafting takes time that you may not have.  As an attorney, you face a myriad of challenges.  Work overload and tight deadlines are facts of life. By outsourcing a project, you can ensure that your client receives the highest quality product while gaining control of your schedule.

Outsourcing also lets you take on additional work from new and existing clients, thereby increasing your revenues and profits, without having to hire a new associate.  In addition to the costs of hiring, training and paying benefits to a new associate, you have to assume all of the other obligations that come with “employer” status, including managing employee benefits.  When you can outsource on an as-needed, contract basis, you avoid costs of an employee.  Essentially, outsourcing gives you a temporary associate.

Increase Efficiency

You probably don’t specialize in legal research.  Nor, as a busy attorney, do you have time to focus on legal research.  With nearly ten years’ experience in highly complex legal research, using professional computerized legal research programs, I do.  I am likely to complete your project more efficiently than you could yourself, reducing your costs and saving your client money (even if you add a reasonable profit).

Most attorneys do not feel a need to invest resources to quality legal research tools.  As a provider of outsourced legal research and writing, I have access to an array of electronic and traditional research sources.

Access Knowledge and Identify Issues

If you’re not in a large firm, you won’t have access to a senior partner who can give you a “second opinion.”  Occasionally, you may encounter unfamiliar legal issues and need someone to take a second look at identifying issues or formulating strategy.  Many small firms or solo practitioners either decline the unfamiliar new business or refer the client to another firm. Either option entails both the certain loss of revenue.  When you outsource a project to me, you can access my legal knowledge, gained over nearly 10 years of research and writing in diverse areas of law.  I maintain a database of my past briefs and research memoranda, which often provide a head start on new research projects.

Keep Control

You define the scope of the project, timetable, and budget.

Karin works only with you and does not contact the client directly.

You control and set the limits for any particular project.

You decide whether to add a reasonable fee to Karin’s fees, to compensate you for the cost of outsourcing and supervision.  See the “Ethics of Outsourcing” page for more details.

Focus on Life and Your Practice

Don’t like spending long hours doing complex, demanding legal research and drafting?  I love it.  By letting me do your legal research and drafting, you can attend to business development, work on more enjoyable projects and, perhaps, even have some time left over to spend with friends and family.  Work less and live more.