“I have relied on Karin Coble’s services in numerous appeals with great success.  Karin has a unique ability to understand the way Judges and staff attorneys of the Court of Appeals think.  I also use Karin for trial preparation in cases we know will end in the Court of Appeals. She has been critical in helping us support or exclude testimony and set up cases for successful appeal.”

– Joseph F. Albrechta, Esq., Albrechta and Coble, Ltd. with offices in Fremont, Toledo, and Bellevue, Ohio.

“I heartily recommend Karin Coble for all of your writing needs. The briefs that Karin has written for me have been well-reasoned, well-written, and well-taken by the Court. Her research skills are excellent. In addition, when one of my cases goes to the Court of Appeals, Karin is the attorney I recommend to my clients. Don’t struggle to write a brief; hire Karin Coble to do it for you!”

– Cindy M. Kirby, Esq., Toledo attorney

“Karin received the top grade in one of my classes, and was also my research assistant. Her analytic, writing and research skills are among the two or three best I have seen in my forty years in the law. She was one of the most thoughtful and reflective students I have taught and one of the very few I would trust enough to rely on to do work for me either as an assistant or as my lawyer. To say that Karin has a strong work ethic is to grossly understate the obvious; she is relentless. Once you assign her a task, you simply don’t have to think about it again. She will make it her own and care about it more than you do. She takes any project and makes it better. Somehow she manages to do all of this without ever seeming to be overly assertive, and is, in fact, one of the most humble people I know.”

– William Richman, Professor, University of Toledo College of Law

“Whenever I have an intricate pleading or motion to write, I always trust Karin Coble to handle it with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. With her years of experience she knows how to place your pleading in the best position to win. She also anticipates arguments that the other side may raise so that you will be able to address those as well. It is with the most utmost confidence that I recommend that you entrust your complicated pleadings and motions to Karin Coble.”

– Patrick Hendershott, local attorney