Appellate Briefs

Karin has 10 years’ experience in appellate work, beginning with almost six years of experience as a Staff Attorney at the Court of Appeals. In private practice, Karin has handled dozens of appeals for clients, winning a significant percentage of cases. As a contract attorney, Karin has written many successful appellate briefs for her attorney-clients on an outsourced-basis.
If you have a complex appellate brief and no time to write it, or are unfamiliar with the appellate process, consider outsourcing the research and writing of the brief and keep the business (and part of the fees) in-house.

Appellate motion practice is also important: Procedural missteps can make or break an appeal. Developing the record in the trial court often determines the success of a later appeal; even if you are successful in the trial court, covering all bases for appeal means you can also successfully protect your win. Karin has experience consulting with attorneys at the trial level to protect and preserve appealable issues. Costs to clients are often surprisingly minimal for consultation which can save money in the long run.

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Other Services:
Analysis, Arguments, and Citations
Legal Editing
Trial Court Pleadings and Motions