Legal Editing

Nothing can make a Judge blink like shabby writing, misspellings, poor sentence construction, or grammatical errors. Strong arguments can appear weak if they are not well-written and presented. Attention to detail can make the difference in important cases.

Karin has years of experience with editing, starting in undergraduate school as a tutor at the Writing Center at the University of Toledo. Karin continued to help students with editing while teaching philosophy classes. In law school, she was research assistant to two professors who had Karin review their material for grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. She has been privately retained by law professors to proofread articles and books prior to publication. Karin helps attorneys “polish” important motions, memoranda, and briefs.

Editing your own work is often difficult, because editing requires a fresh look. A one or two-hour investment in a paid editor can make your writing stand out in a crowded field. It costs less than you think and pays off in appearance.

Initial case evaluations are always complimentary, just call 888-268-3625.

Other Services:
Appellate Briefs
Analysis, Arguments, and Citations
Trial Court Pleadings and Motions