Private Appeal Clients

Karin accepts private clients for state appeals in all Ohio appellate courts.  Karin practices primarily in the Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals, located in Toledo, Ohio, but accepts appellate clients in appeals throughout the State of Ohio.

If you have lost in the trial court, you should call an experienced appellate attorney as soon as possible.  An experienced appellate attorney can easily explain the appellate process, and can evaluate your case.  Appeals in Ohio must be filed within 30 days of the final judgment in the trial court.  There are limited exceptions to this rule for criminal appeals, and hardly any exceptions for civil appeals.

If you have won in the trial court, the opposing party may file an appeal.  You should consult an experienced appellate attorney as soon as possible to defend yourself in the appeal.  Even if your excellent trial counsel prevailed, your trial counsel may not be familiar with the appellate process or may not have the research and writing skills that an appellate attorney does.  Local trial counsel often refers cases to Karin for appeal, whether to file an appeal or defend a judgment against an appeal.

Karin has experience appealing decisions in family law cases, including divorce cases, child custody cases, shared parenting cases, and termination of parental rights.  Karin also has extensive experience appealing felony convictions for a wide range of matters, from traffic cases to first-degree felonies.

Initial 1-hour consultations are complimentary.  Karin has worked with long-distance appeal clients – much of the work for an appeal can be conducted long-distance, through telephone, email, and internet and fax filings with the court.  Karin offers reasonable hourly rates and also “flat fees” when possible, to minimize the expense for clients.